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A Unique Perspective

Heather Saffer is an author, speaker, and consultant who helps people find their SoloPower™ through loneliness. 

I have always felt alone. 

As I entered the business world, I was told it was bad to feel alone and that people could not succeed alone. 

Could this be true?


I googled, "how to succeed alone" to find out.

My heart sank as I scrolled through page after page of articles titled, "you cannot succeed alone".

This of course left me feeling 10x more alone.

What did this mean for me? A person who felt alone?


Did it mean I would never succeed?

Hi, I'm Heather

Clearly, that wasn't true. 

I created more while feeling alone than I ever dreamt I could...

I signed two book deals with major publishers.

I built a successful bakery from scratch.

I won Food Network's Cupcake Wars.

I got a deal on ABC's Shark Tank.

I created and launched a packaged frosting line into 1,000's of retailers.

I created a clothing and gift brand with my original artwork to raise money for animal rescues.


I used the power of loneliness to create success.

And you can too. 

You have inspiring goals, big dreams, and an important mission

But you've probably realized that work can feel lonely...
Are you trying to build a business but you feel alone?
Do you feel lonely more often than you'd like?
Are you managing a team and have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders?
Do you have big goals and dreams but don't have the support you think you need?

Loneliness is on the rise, with 3 in 5 adults (61%) reporting they're lonely (Cigna, 2020). This is an 8% increase over 2018.

Loneliness has a major impact on you, your employees, and your organization as a whole by creating unhappiness, disengagement, and decreased production.

I specialize in helping organizations train their top players to harness the power of loneliness in order to create success.

Hire Heather to Teach your top players how to Uncover their solopower™ to create success.

Through my proven SoloPower™ method, I will teach your team how to uncover their strength and power in working alone.

Are you ready to discover your power in feeling alone?

What People Are Saying About Heather Saffer

Mark Ragus, YEA!

Writing to tell you how incredibly inspiring your talk at the Young Entreprenuers Academy was.  Your story is fantastic!  From the way to started your business to the way you took your success to another level using your win on "Cupcake Wars", you have created an incredible brand...YOU!

John Sullivan, Instructor

 Heather’s story of self-discovery, tenacity, and resiliency resounded with our students in a major way. The perfect role model for students still finding their way in life, Heather was a shining inspiration.  I recommend Heather to any school that is looking for a way to connect its students to those life skills that spell success.”

Martha Bjorklund, Enrichment Specialist

Thank you so much for coming to speak to the students at Allendale Columbia yesterday. You were fantastic and the children loved your presentation. I hope that you stay in touch with us in the future.

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