Need ideas for new ways to consume frosting? Got ‘em.

Looking for recipes that perfectly compliment each of dollop gourmet’s mind-blowing frostings? Done-zo.

Trying to find the most effective way to make friends and influence people? Boom.

Here is your baking bible--book of all things desserts and dessert-related--filled with instructions for the most essential of all life-skills.

You obviously need this.

The Dollop Book Of Frosting

After her appearance on Food Network's Cupcake Wars, thousands traveled far and wide for a bite of Heather "Cupcakes" Saffer's delicious desserts, but it wasn't just the warm cake they were clamoring for--they couldn't get enough of the gourmet frostings that adorned the irresistible treats.


In this book, she shares her most decadent frosting recipes, a variety of creative uses for the icings, and the memories that inspired her to concoct such extraordinary flavor combinations.

©️Heather Saffer 2020