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I get it. I had never started a business before and I barely knew what the word 'entrepreneur' even meant! I had no money, no experience, and no knowledge. My only connection was my internet connection. If I could make it happen, so can you. I promise you. But I don't want you to go it alone like I had to... 



Are you afraid you'll never succeed? Afraid you're a fraud and going to get found out? Afraid that everyone will discover that you have no idea what you're doing? Imposter syndrome is real and scary. 

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Before I became a successful entrepreneur, I was YOU

I didn't know anything about getting publicity and I had no idea where to begin

I didn't know anything about business. I wasn't good at anything and nobody cared who I was. Having failed at being an employee, I decided to needed to become an entrepreneur; but I had no idea where to begin.


I had no money and no connections and I couldn't figure out how to get the word out about my business and get sales.


Then, I had a crazy idea that literally launched my business and made me the talk of the town in a matter of days... changing my life forever.


Heather Saffer

I didn’t know what to do with my life. I didn’t feel like I was good at anything. I was afraid I would never find something I was good at or passionate about. I was afraid I would never amount to anything and would live a life of constant struggle. I had a history of depression and anxiety and suffered from an eating disorder. I was afraid I would never find happiness or fulfillment.


I had tried everything. I briefly held 32 jobs before I was 24 years old and quit or got fired from all of them. I was a college dropout. I was terrified my life would never amount to anything. I was a terrible employee and didn't know where to turn. Then, one day it occurred to me that the only thing left to try was to start a business.  


I knew nothing about business. No one in my family was involved in business. I didn’t know how to start a business, I didn’t know how to get people to know about my business, I didn’t know how to make sales, and I didn’t know who would buy my products.

And then I got my first hit of publicity. 

The phone started ringing and orders began flying in. I became reputable. People wanted to work with me and buy from me because they saw me on the news. It was the leverage I could use to get anything I needed.



I planned to leverage each hit of publicity to take me up the ladder and to the next level. I leveraged the publicity to get me partnerships with other businesses and then I created unique offerings to earn me even more publicity.



It wasn't easy and people tried to knock me down. I even got involved with a con artist who went to state prison for scamming my business and wiping me clean. 

I had to start over completely from scratch.

Not once, but twice. 


Each time coming back stronger and getting more publicity than the time before. 


I've been featured on dozens of news programs. From LIVE to taped, to everything in between. 

I WON Cupcake Wars on FOOD NETWORK.


I Got multiple offers on SHARK TANK.


Signed not one but TWO Book Deals with major publishers.


I appeared on QVC, multiple talk shows, in Forbes, Huffington Post,, USA Today, among countless other publications.


I got my products into thousands of retail stores.

I finally found something I was good at. 


I Found a passion. I built a career and the life of my dreams. I accomplished every single goal I have ever had for myself. I lived out my childhood dreams. I discovered happiness. I overcame my depression. I no longer struggle with the eating disorder. 


I finally feel good enough. 


I discovered my worth. 

I built two successful businesses on the back of FREE publicity with ZERO debt.

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I wrote the 10 Secrets To Scoring FREE Publicity specially for you. I know how hard it is to launch a business and gain followers and sales. I know the struggle by heart. In this exclusive book I detail the top 10 things you need to focus on to score free publicity and take your business to the next level. Each secret includes a special example from my own experience. Because I only follow people who lead by example, and I know you do too. 


After reading this book you will know for certain what steps you need to take to score your first or even 10th hit of publicity that will change your life forever. 

Laptop Work

Successful Email Scripts!


Now that you know HOW to find anyone's email address after unlocking my exclusive tutorial video, you need to know WHAT to write to get yourself noticed and get a response. 


Never before seen, these six email scripts are the email pitches I sent that got me exclusive coverage in Forbes,, and booked me a cross-country media tour on 12 top news stations across the country.

Two Pens on Notebook

Art of Writing Great Subject Lines


You're so close to being ready to send those email scripts and scoring yourself FREE publicity! Now all you need is the Art To Writing Great Subject Lines! You didn't think I would leave you hanging on the subject line, did you?? The subject line is THE most important part to an email pitch because it's what gets your email opened! Do not send an email pitch without first reading this!


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Audition video that got me on FOOD NETWORK's CUPCAKE WARS


Want to audition for the dream TV show but don't know where to begin? Aren't sure how you can make a mark? I'll share with you a little known secret video of how I auditioned and got chosen to compete on FOOD NETWORK'S CUPCAKE WARS! 


Next up, I'll teach you how to WIN!

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.43.52 PM.png

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Exclusive copy of the book proposal that got me a book deal with a MAJOR publisher


A never before released copy of THE book proposal that nabbed me a big time book deal with one of the top book publishers in the world!


This book proposal has been under wraps but now I'm sharing it exclusively with YOU to help guide you in the writing of your own book proposal so that YOU can score the book deal of your dreams just like I did. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 2.16.45 PM.png

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Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie

The go to guide for learning how to be a confident, successful, impactful public speaker. This easy read is one of my all time favorites and will give you the ultimate edge in your media pursuits. 


DALE CARNEGIE (1888-1955), a pioneer in public speaking and personality development, gained fame by teaching others how to become successful. His book How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) has sold more than 10 million copies. He also founded the Dale Carnegie Institute for Effective Speaking and Human Relations, with branches all over the world. 


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